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So, I switched over to Diamond and I’m still using it. So, I switched from Diamond Naturals to Prey. https://www.chewy.com/diamond-naturals-large-breed-puppy/dp/34914 “diamond naturals dog food” ... 4.6 out of 5 stars with 154 reviews. Their health is excellent and great all the time. I switched the cats to the Diamond cat food because everything I fed them made a mistake. The Diamond Naturals line contains superfoods rich in nutrients not typically found in pet food. Even though I told them to call customer service, I can handle it myself easier than going through them. In fact, I have quite a few articles on my website about Diamond Naturals. However, yes, they are made in USA, but their ingredients come from China. $11.79. You’ll find Diamond Naturals, Diamond Naturals Grain-Free, and Diamond brands from this company. Established in 1970, the Diamond Pet Food Company has grown to become one of the largest pet food producers in the world. I also get into breeding these little Poms and I need a small breed puppy on the moms and the puppies. Diamond Naturals dog food is made by Diamond Pet Foods, owned by US giant Schell and Kampeter. One is nutrition which we put the brochure or pamphlet, and we made a copy of the feeding chart because the feeding chart’s not on the sample bag. Diamond naturals dog food reviews, food is the essential element for who are growing large breed of dogs we must care about proper nutrition to them and growth. Diamond was recommended by a fellow breeder. We use the Diamond Puppy, the one in the purple bag. Use of real chicken beef and lamb protein enhances the taste for you dog and is nutritionally beneficial. Diamond Naturals, a family business, believes that all pets deserve the best and that it should be available to any owner at a reasonable price. She called me and wanted to know about Diamond Pet Foods. Use of pro-biotics in their food which aids digestion and helps keep a healthy immune system. Every time we sell a litter of puppies, I give out one of their brochures on feeding. It contains pasture-raised lamb and has tailored the amino acid levels to make it perfect for a growing pup who needs lean, strong muscles. Diamond Naturals is a complete line of canned food, dry kibble and treats made with vegetables and fruits, cage-free chicken, pasture-raised beef and lamb and real salmon. All Diamond Naturals Dog Food Reviews I have read are positive. Diamond Naturals Skin & Coat Formula All Life Stages. They eat less. The company remains a family-owned, privately held business run by the Schell and Kampeter family. They got all kinds of crap in it. It was cheaper because it was just a plain bag. You can immediately see why holistic pet foods might have some dog lovers digging deeper into their wallets. I'm a breeder and I was using a different dog food, and the puppies’ stomach didn't do good on it. I breed Rottweilers. It contains omega-3 fatty acid DHA from salmon oil, which is also suitable for nursing dogs. Rottweilers have that harder, denser rough coat and they're softer with Diamond. At Diamond Pet Foods, we believe every pet deserves the very best, and we know that's what you expect from the food you choose.We only make food that we would be proud to feed our own pets, and we want to share it with yours. Made with ingredients of exceptional quality, Diamond Naturals dog foods provide complete, holistic nutrition for every pet. Be the first one to find this review helpful. I said, “Try the Diamond Naturals Indoor cat food.” And he said, “They won’t eat it.” I said, “Yes, they will.” So, he took it. I sent them an email to try and get the samples to send the puppies home. Chicken is the most common meat ingredient used in dog food. Diamond Naturals Dog Food Reviews 1. Diamond dog food is available in both canned and dry formulas. I did the one for the active dogs. Diamond Naturals Dog Food Review Based on its ingredients alone, Diamond Naturals Dog Food looks like an above-average dry product. HerePup.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Contents of ArticleDiamond Recalls 2021:Diamond Dog Food Coupons 2021Diamond ReviewsIs this Food Good for my Dog?Diamond Naturals Grain-Free Beef & Sweet Potato Formula Review:Bottom Line: 30% Off + Free Shipping on Diamond Dog Food How To Redeem This Offer The Diamond Pet Food company is owned by Schell & Kampeter and it is marketed as a […] I don't make it mandatory, but I highly recommend that they continue on what we had been feeding. Designed to promote digestion, immunity and skin health in large dogs. Diamond can be pricier than other brands, but each formula provides essential nutrients not found in some pet foods. While it does contain beet pulp to help with digestion, it contains no probiotics. Their brands in include Diamond, Diamond Naturals and Diamond Naturals grain free. So, I found the shepherd mix. They didn't know how to do it. Diamond Dog Food has established itself as one of the leading dog food manufacturers in the country. The Diamond Naturals line also offers options for puppies. It’s good food at a good reasonable price. We lived back in the ranch, which is 1,000 acres and the Airedales were kinda just running. We also have a little goodie bag with all the important information in it and the puppy toys. But then I got a food processor so I blend it up to make a can food. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Blue Buffalo Basics is a more popular dog food, based on its 2,000+ reviews. So far, we seem to like it. Diamond CARE is a line of four specialized diets for sensitive skin, renal formula, sensitive stomach or weight management. Probiotics promote healthy digestion for … Whereas before, they weren't. Learn more about our … Egg Product = This is a bit vague as sometimes it can come from un-hatched eggs, but in general, eggs are a good source of protein and easily digestible for the dogs so can be considered a good ingredient. We've been using it for many years. I don't care any much for Nutro. A lot of breeders will benefit from that and I'm gonna be sending Diamond a lot of business. Diamond Naturals is a complete line of canned food, dry kibble and treats made with vegetables and fruits, cage-free chicken, pasture-raised beef and lamb and real salmon. Diamond could improve on the cost though. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! The only place I can get it right now is at a few horse feed stores, which is Tractor Supply and Malabar Feed. They haven't been sick. I'm older so I don't like change and Diamond is what we start the puppies on after their mama, with a little bit of warm water. So we've been using it for a long time. The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 28%, a fat level of 17% and estimated carbohydrates of about 48%. Diamond Naturals includes food formulated for: Diamond Naturals are formulated with superfoods, including quinoa, chia seed, kale and spinach, that are high in nutritional value. Then I bought my puppy food from my local Tractor Supply but I didn't but it in bulk. Unsubscribe at any time. They breed them every single heat and the poor things can’t regenerate, and there were just so many rescues out there. We made a move and I wanted my Airedales not to be stressed out so we did not have any litters this year. They purchased a former milling company in the town of Meta, Missouri and the Diamond company was established. Even the Purina Pro Plan, it's an 18-pound bag and it's the price of a 50-pound Diamond bag. I sometimes use a Pedigree Puppy, a canned food, for that. Diamond dog food ranges in price based on the formula and product line. We have a tab on tips. She said the dogs liked it better and told me that I might wanna try it. Also, I wish they had banners. The breeding mothers eat that all the time that they're pregnant and when they're nursing. All Rights Reserved. Learn more about what it takes to pass our test, and welcome to the Diamond … Pros: 11. Peas = Peas are a quality source of carbohydrates. … They turn their nose up at it. And if you watch some of these bigger brand names, they have recalls. It's really important that the mommas eat 'cause they've got to supply these puppies with the nourishment. For pets that require special diets, Diamond has a wide range of formulas to choose from. The first ingredient is chicken. Visit The Advisor’s best puppy foods page here. Guaranteed 26% minimum crude protein. The inclusion of chelated minerals which are normally included in better dog foods which make the food easier to absorb. Diamond Brand has a lot going on for it when it comes to producing quality dog food at a price that honestly at times makes me wonder how they do it. I used the Diamond Naturals because of the no wheat, no corn, and no soy. Diamond dog food specializes in nutrient-rich formulas that contain healthy levels of protein, fiber, fat and probiotics to support pet growth, energy and digestive health. I'm feeding 19 puppies two to three times a day so I'm running into some money. First ingredients are lamb meal and ground white rice. Her expertise is in dog nutrition, senior dog care, especially critical care medicine and internal medicine. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. We're a farm family and that was one of the things that interest me about the Diamond, that they started their business about the same time we got married. I want good food for my dogs but I do everything professionally and I don't cut corners. It's the higher protein and fat content that we appreciate because a mother that is making babies or is feeding babies needs the extra nutrients. Its nutrient profile is above average and as a consequence, it has above-average quantities of protein and fat. Diamond Naturals offers 2 nutritionally complete and balanced dry puppy foods. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. Diamond pet food started in 1970 with a mission to provide good quality pet food at an affordable price. The Naturals line is a moderately above average product group, but … Purina Pro Plan — Focus Puppy Large Breed Formula Dry Dog Food. And Diamond Naturals doesn't. FAQ. Then, we also transition the puppies onto it. I like it. There is a lot of rice in the food, which as a Lamb and Rice formula, means it does what it says on the tin! Holistic pet foods claim to use only natural ingredients that can be traced back to the source and do not use cheap fillers, chemicals or by-products. All my clients use Diamond although they're gonna use whatever I tell them to. Although it contains lower … Nature's Recipe. So, I'd like to see something from Diamond that is similar to what Royal Canin has. This is by far the most popular of … *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc., or its affiliates. When you have Pomeranian puppies, they're picky. We breed Siberian Huskies and Dobermans. The company is still based in Meta with plants in Missouri, Lathrop, California and Gaston, South Carolina. $0.99. I would love to be able to have an account set up with Diamond. Dry food formula does not contain corn, wheat, artificial flavors or preservatives. Good pick for grain-free and hypoallergenic dry food diets. We're very pleased with Diamond. They grow up and when you do the OFA certifications, they get above average. Ingredient Review. And so, I’ve been doing them now since 2013, I’ve been working with rescues. The popular Diamond Naturals chicken or lamb and rice dry food for all life stages is priced at $36.99 for a 40-pound bag, and the grain-free option is also $36.99 for a 40-pound supply. I said, “That’s okay.” So, the next time I need it, I’ll just send another note to customer service saying, “I did try to go to the store, but they weren’t familiar with getting samples and never heard of that." Kale, blueberries and coconut provide sources of antioxidants and omega fatty acids. The company producing the food Diamond Pet Foods does not have the best reputation as it has had several recalls due to salmonella contamination. No artificial flavors or preservatives. We really love Diamond Pet Foods. It has a probiotic in it. https://www.chewy.com/diamond-naturals-small-breed-puppy/dp/34906 But if Diamond could mix it in with food the food that more appetizing and different than what they've been eating, that would be a good thing. Rottweilers have to have a better quality food because of their hips, elbows and spines and just being a large breed dog. Diamond Naturals Dog Food Reviews, Ratings, Recalls! I can buy a 40Lb bag of chicken and rice formula dog food listed price for 49.19 (although Chewy.com were offering a discount to $36.99) whereas a 55lb bag of pedigree chum adult roast chicken flavor is $42.99. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. The inclusion of high protein sources in the ingredient list could mean that the meat content is not as high as you would expect. Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete Dog Food Review: Despite the frequent recalls in the past and the bad publicity, Diamond has many loyal customers. Be kind. I'm about to have another litter though. My sister-in-law had a litter of puppies, just a little far North. A 12-can case of Diamond Naturals wet food beef dinner for adults and puppies is $23.88.

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