oyster mushroom biltong

My first thought was that it smelled like the real thing. Super duper delicious. It even surprised my meat loving family. Mix the crushed walnuts with the BEEF AND KING OYSTER MUSHROOM STIR FRY. 1 kg of beef sliced up; 400 g of King oyster mushrooms; 2 carrots cut in chucks; 1 bunch of broccolini; 1 red capsicum chunky Plus, mushrooms are naturally high in Vitamin D. My favourite treat!!! I've been vegan for three years, so tasting biltong again was amazing. Will definitely be getting this again! Add to cart. Will definitely be purchasing this again. Nice enough, but not enough to make me want to buy again. Ben Kruger Recommended for you. Cannot tell you how grateful I am to discover this! The antioxidant Ergothioneine is the unique property found in Oyster mushrooms that are particularly high at 13 milligrams per 85g serving. Was I wrong, it is so so yummy. Honestly the best biltong-substitute for my diet! My husband wasn't really interested when I suggested we tried this. Coming from someone who is so particular about their bilong - I was pleasantly surprised. Culture Mushrooms has created a plant-based biltong made with oyster mushrooms, and a special herbal seasoning blend. The perfect spicy snack for plant-based eaters. Interesting flavour, interesting texture, I like it! Recipe from alisonsallspice.com. This is absolutely delicious and even my VERY recently vegan boyfriend tried them and couldn't keep his fingers out of the bag. Will definitely buy again. R35.00. 5/ Culture Mushrooms Oyster Mushroom Biltong, R38, Faithful To Nature. I would love if it could somehow be packaged without plastic. Great tasting. Really great texture and taste. Availability: In stock. I had to try really hard not to eat the big bag all at once. This Oyster Mushroom Biltong is seasoned with Chilli for that extra bit of fire. Turn into cardboard when chewing for too long. April 2019. The best mushroom biltong on the market at the moment. This product is so amazing! easy #fat-free salty and sour #fish-ball soup. It's so good. The best biltong (meat or vegetarian) in the world, Vegan-friendly biltong with unique “umami” taste, Made with nutrient-dense oyster mushrooms, Locally cultivated on Contermanskloof Farm in the Western Cape, Grown without chemical fertilisers or pesticides, No artificial additives, colours or flavours, Packaging materials include recycled paper card. In my pre vegan days I was a complete biltong lover so I obviously made it my mission to find the perfect alternative and let me tell you THIS IS IT! They could hardly believe me when I told them it wasn't! Love this plant-based savoury treat... very close to the real thing! Oyster mushrooms have been used for over 3000 years as an immune system tonic around the world. But very nice and tasty, nice snack. I prefer good quality meat biltong! Ideal for snacking or biltong replacement at parties. Will definitely be adding it to my monthly haul. Copyright © 2007 - 2020 Faithful to Nature, Address: 57 Capricorn Drive, Capricorn Business Park, Muizenberg, 7948, Cape Town. Don't knock it till you have given it a try!!! I received a packet as a sample with my most recent order. Love the taste and the texture. Culture Mushrooms. 3 cloves garlic, crushed. Vegan-friendly biltong with unique umami taste Made with nutrient-dense oyster mushrooms Locally cultivated on Contermanskloof Farm in the Western Cape Grown without chemical fertilisers or pesticides No artificial additives, colours or After having to stop myself from finishing the entire 120g bag immediately after opening it, I'm instantly ordering more! I just fed this to 10 colleagues who thought it was real biltong. Delicious and (made a mistake in my last review). Delicious! Really delicious, well worth it for a special treat. So delicious and just wish I could get it in the USA. I am the only vegan in my office, I managed to convinced my colleagues to try it and they absolutely love it. Mushroom (overall) works so well as a meat texture alternative and this biltong doesn’t disappoint. Class 1; Product code: Oh my word, these are gorgeous! Good salty snack to have for vegetarians. The flavour and texture is exactly that of the real deal, biltong. Great if you have a biltong craving!! Delicious! It looks suspiciously meaty, it was almost off putting how real it looked lol. I bought it for Christmas but already ate the whole bag! Qty-+ Add To Cart. Culture Mushrooms has created a plant-based biltong made with oyster mushrooms, and a special herbal seasoning blend. Throw everything you thought you knew about preserved beef snacks out the window because biltong is the way to go. £0.99. As an ex meat eater who craved biltong the mushroom product satisfies my need. This tastes just like how I remember biltong to taste like before going vegan. Makes the perfect snack A little bit of heaven, what more can I say? This Oyster Mushroom Biltong is seasoned with Chilli for that extra bit of fire. ;). And it is cruelty free. Will definitely be buying the big bag next time. Fast forward to 2018, the vegan biltong flavours have greatly improved, and the available options have drastically increased.

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