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... One new trick that I recently stumbled upon is that from time to time you may need to add a jog in your Exploded Line Sketches to avoid some other exploded parts. You can use an explode line sketch to manually add an explode line to an exploded view. The explode line sketch is a type of 3D sketch. In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at creating a drawing with an exploded view to illustrate the assembly structure of a simple sheet metal enclosure.The drawing will illustrate the relative location of the parts … Matt, welcome to the forum. Like • Show 0 Likes 0. Switching it to Component Origin will create explode lines that are located at the origin of the components. Drag the pointer from left to right to define a box selection or from right to left to define a cross selection (to select every exploded line). Actions . I end up wit the parts way further away from each other than I want. Edit the “3DExplode” sketch. There is no reason for this. There is one exercise in our Essentials training course that allows users to practice with the exploded line tool. Of course, since I don’t want to go through all that just for this one line, and have to change it back again afterwards; I’m going to use a trick: Hold down the Ctrl key when selecting the second point of the line. I add explode lines (2) through the centers of holes, fasteners, and components (the old fashioned way using "Route Line" - not with "Smart Explode Lines"). With the Explode Sketch tools, you can add route lines to assembly explode line sketches and 3D sketches, and add jogs to sketch lines. 5 Replies; Deepak Gupta Jan 7, 2010 11:01 PM. SOLIDWORKS Exploded View Sketch Line Jogs; SOLIDWORKS Blog . Nopes you can't hide the explode line sketch. In fact, it may allow them to practice too much. I thought I had determined that you can pick the edge of the circular hole, then the edge of the other, and get a straight line. Select one face, circular edge, or straight edge on each of the two items you want to connect. Route Line Jog Line Parent topicSOLIDWORKS Toolbars. >> Stream the full SOLIDWORKS 2018 Launch Video. Rapid Fire (#10)…. Search 'Explode Sketch Toolbar' in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base. This is frickin' stupid. As soon as I finish the explode line sketch & click the "Exit Sketch" icon, all the parts move from where I had placed them. Customize Toolbars. Assign these offset lines to a layer in the assembly model in order to hide them easily. After exiting the sketch, right-click on it within the Feature Manager and select Sketch Color (#9). What are Smart Explode Lines?. And lastly, changing to Selected Point will allow for the user to select a point, vertex, a sketch arc, an edge arc, or an edge line in which the explode line will be located at on each component. Hide all the components to display only the exploded sketch lines. Steve Calvert Jan 8, 2010 8:27 AM. Once every exploded line is selected, Click Copy (Standard toolbar) or Edit, Copy, or press Ctrl+C. Save your preferred orientation for the drawing view. These lines are called "offset line" in the model tree if you show the features. With this, you can change the color of the sketch, beneficial when you have multiple sketches (unconsumed) within the model. Result: No automatic sketch relation.So simple and quick. Sketching with Ctrl key. When sketching lines click-and-drag with the left mouse button to create a single line. Not sure if there is an option or something changed in SW2k10. Get 30+ expert tips, tricks and practices to up your SOLIDWORKS large assembly performance.Download Your Quick Fix Guide to Managing Large Assemblies in SOLIDWORKS for free .. You have to edit the 3d sketch and delete the line. Provide feedback on this topic. Categories: SolidWorks. I created an exploded view and extension lines in the assembly model. When I explode bits and need to make/show the exploded sketch, most of the time I get these pointless, ridiculous jogs in the lines.

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